Network infrastructure company's regular updation of user credentials

A long time pain resolved in click of a button

Kinshasa Wireless


Kiwi (Kinshasa Wireless) is a network consultancy and network infrastructure company. Deployed and created several networking Infrastructure using Mikrotik, Ubiquity, Cisco, Juniper, etc devices. As the network grows bigger and bigger several challenges and dependencies arise.

They found updating system configuration on a regular routine as a humongous task. Tedious job for network engineer/technician to login to each system and push new configuration. It takes sometime days to complete a cycle of devices to update.

Problem Statement

  • Due to security threat need to change the device password regularly.
  • As engineer or technician attrition rate is high, they used to join the competitor. So it becomes really necessary to change network topology and credential to avoid any unforeseen circumstances due to an intruder.


MikroScript helped
  • To achieve the humongous task of changing password of each device in a few hours. Now it becomes the regular practice to change the password for security reason.
  • Human error eliminated completely with a reliable update.