Remote Script Executor

Execute Anything, Anywhere, Any numbers of “Network Devices” , “IoT”... Unattended

An Assistant to the Network / System Administrator to run a Script / CLI on million... devices, leading to password reset, config updates..., on a click, unattended.
Available for(*need Jre 1.8 & above)
Multi Credentials
Several login credentials can be specified that will be used on devices one after another for a successful connection.
IP, Subnetting & IP range
Any class IP, range or a subnet mask can be specified for processing. This could be from one IP to several/multiple IP’s
Multiple & Customized Port
Multiple ports can be specified that can be used on devices one after another for a successful connection with the devices, as default ports are modified for security reasons.
Logging to access the execution history. It helps the user to trace the errors, non-accessibility and other issues related to execution on the number of devices.
Scripting jobs can be scheduled for future or periodic execution and that too unattended.
Executing the script on a number of devices parallelly despite executing one after another. Thus speed up the execution process for a faster result.
Brands Support
Network devices that support CLI (Command Line Interface) execution are supported. Brands like MikroTik, Cisco, Juniper, etc are supported.
A structured way of log presentation that helps the users to understand & access the log with-in minutes. Automated Report customized & directly to your mailbox.
Execute Multiple Jobs
Several execution jobs can be programmed, stored, scheduled and executed parallelly. Thus increases the overall efficiency.

Assistant to the technical engineer

An assistant to the technical engineer to perform jobs on the network with 1,000,000’s of devices that can be programmed in a single click.

Leave it unattended

Launch the job, leave it unattended & get completion report directly on the mail.

Performed on off-days

Maintenance job can be performed on off-days.

Eliminate human errors

Reduces man hours & eliminate human errors in a repetitive task by automation.
Mikroscript is used on devices that support SSH & Telnet protocol and has CLI (Command Line Interface) support. Devices such as switches, routers, access points, microwaves, BTS ( Base Transceiver Station), VSAT, Wireless Networking Devices, Servers, Firewalls, IP Camera, VoIP, and Many more.
Networking Companies
  • Internet Service Providers (ISP)

  • Telecomm (BTS, others)

  • Satellite communication (VSAT, others)

Digital Infrastructures Management
  • Cloud Services & Integration

  • Distribution companies

  • Data-Centers

Solutions Based Companies
  • Cable TVs Operators

  • Broadcasting Companies

  • Internet Enabled Services Companies

Allowed IP Subnet / 26 / 25 / 24 / 23 / 22 / 16 / 8 Unlimited
Multi Session
Multi Job
Automated Reporting
Script Marketplace
Publishing Script Marketplace
IPv6 Support∗∗
Price (EURO) Free 9 29 49 69 99 199 299
Public IP: Ai monitoring to prevent malicious script from excecuting
∗∗ Under-development

Case Studies

Network infrastructure ...

Kinshasa Wireless


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Cloud consultancy



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MikroScript is free for evaluation & for personal use. Execute now!

Hear from our clients

The product worked really well. Previously the task that used to be a day job now it is just a click of a button. Thanks to the MikroScript team.

- AfriNet

Using this product, we are able to frequently change network configuration on thousands of device, but before it was once or twice a year. Great product…

- KiWi (Kinshasa Wireless)

MikroScript have help us save hours of work and avoid repetitive tasks allowing us to focus on expending our business and serve better our customers.

- InterFiber